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To take the option of NOT recieving those UNSOLICITED CREDIT CARDS in the mail, you can call this number and tell them you want to opt out. 888-567-8688 or if you like words to help remember it's 888-5 OPT OUT

The new toll free number to deal with PROBLEMS with IRS is 877-777-4778 (877 is the NEW toll free line pre-fix)


Here's a switch! This database lists people who the IRS owes refunds to and not can locate. Maintained by MSNBC.

IRS Forms!

Here's a BUNCH (probably all) of PDF Federal Tax forms that you can type into. You no longer need a pharmacist to decifer what you wrote on your tax forms.

Online Information and Help Sources


For an unbelievable bunch of links from around the world, take a look at these, Associations, Government, and so many more ..... LOTS of Helpful stuff if you're looking for it. So if you're looking for something you may not think is around, give this page a look....I'm SURE you'll find some things you were NOT even LOOKING the World NAP Organization.....

Florida STATE government links for different state agencies. Also includes some federal and other state's links....

This link takes you to my page for FLORIDA Public Records Databases. I'm still working on this page also. ENTER

here is a list of sites where you can get all kinds of forms for free. I hope they'll help some of you.

Legal & business forms:

Uncle Sam--Forms From the Feds

Legal forms and documents

Corporate Forms Free legal forms drafted by top corporate and securities attorneys.

Internet Legal Resource Guide/forms.

Legal Documents Online -- some have a fee

Legal Forms (VERY good)

This site is a VERY good site for legal forms. It has the PDF type forms that you can type into. You don't need any "form filler" type of software. And the best thing is that it's free.

Legal forms and documents from

MORE Helpful links

Special Links:


Types of bugs,wiretaps and methods.

Warning signs of eavesdropping.

Federal eavesdropping laws


Thousands of associations in every career category.


Hoovers Business Searches

Over 11 million business profiles.

Over 30,000,000 business articles, reports and profiles.

Over 156,000 listed, 63,000 products, 135,000 brand names.


Great site. Search for bug information and fixes.

Gives you the power to view the content of cookies and delete them.

Computer tech support online.

Searchable dictionary of computing terms.

Fingers "Find out who is online right now". Great info to have!


Report Criminal Activity On The Internet Here

Telemarketers get set for no-call-law

Thought this might be of interest, if anyone is using faxes or telemarketers to gain business in Texas. Source of the info is from Dallas Business Journal, page 40, Nov 30- Dec 6 issue.

Starting on Jan. 1, 2002 Texas do-not-call law goes into effect. The law implemented to stop consumers receiving unwanted phone calls and faxes- creates a do-not-call database that will be updated quarterly. Consumers can be listed for up to three years and a charge may apply. A telemarketer contacting a customer on the list after a 60-day grace period faces fines of $1000-$3000 for each violation.

For theTexas rules and laws on telemarketing

Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau (CGB), marketing rules and laws

Direct Marketing Association offers a nationwide do-not-call list

American Teleservices Association

Information on cults and psychological manipulation.

Track parolees.

Sex offender registration and other state-by-state directories.


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